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Our Firm

Here at WSR Certified Public Accountants, the entire team is committed to helping you grow and preserve your wealth. In fact, that's been our underlying focus since this practice was first formed in 1947.

At that time, we identified a need for accounting services in the region and we set about creating a practice that could successfully support clients' taxation, taxation planning, audit, and accounting needs.

Since then the practice has successfully helped hundreds of clients, many facing challenges that might also be similar to your own. And the team has grown from just four to twenty.

We've come a long way ...

Other changes have taken place too. Some time ago we became aware of a number of business clients who were grappling with so many different issues that we wanted to help. We wanted to be able to say "here's how to generate that extra $50,000 in sales you need" rather than just talk about the historical financial results.

So much so that we set about changing our firm, improving it for the better and turning it into something really special for you. To do that, we worked hard to fully educate ourselves on all sorts of issues -- business development, growth, strategy, human resources, marketing, sales, management, operations, systems, customer service, performance standards, business health checks and more -- as it applies to businesses like yours.

We attended courses, studied, invested in new resources, tools and software to be able to help you grow your business, rather than just track your results at year end. Of course we've maintained our core competencies and in fact, took them a step further by maintaining ongoing professional education.

Staying focused on the road ahead.

Now you can benefit from more -- more support, more advice, more services and more results. Where accounting has often been about tracking historical results, accounting at WSR Certified Public Accountants has shifted to doing much more than that. Here, we're focused on mapping out the future for your business or your personal taxation needs with you -- keeping our eyes firmly on the road ahead and on helping you achieve the results you're looking for.



Paul Roush, Managing Partner